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Disclaimer & Safety Guidelines

We at Rootless Outdoors want to stress that this devide should be enjoyed with responsiblity. It's necessary to abide by these safety guidelines. Enjoy your adventure!


  1. This appliance is for outdoor use and should NOT be used in a building, garage or any other enclosed area.
  2. This fire pit is NOT for use for children.
  3. Always use in accordance with all applicable local, state and national fire codes.
  4. This fire pit is for use with dry wood. Do NOT burn charcoal or other flammable material.
  5. Do not wear flammable or loose clothing when operating this fire pit.
  6. Do not use in windy conditions.
  7. All surfaces of this outdoor fire pit are hot when in operation. Do NOT touch any part of the fire pit until it has cooled completely.
  8. Do NOT leave the lit fire pit unattended.
  9. Do NOT attempt to move or store this outdoor fire pit until all ashes and coals are completely extinguished.
  10. Do NOT overload the fire pit. The fire pit can only support 5 kg. If at any point the mesh is glowing your fire is too big. This will always increase the likelihood of the fire tipping over
  11. Avoid breathing in smoke from the fire and avoid getting smoke in your eyes.
  12. After a period of storage and/or non-use, check for signs of damage before lighting a fire.
  13. Use only on level ground
  14. Death, serious injury or property damage may occur if the above is not followed exactly.